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“Democrats Detail a Climate Agenda Tying Environment to Racial Justice”

“The policy road map, expected on Tuesday, could guide the party if it gains control of Congress and the White House in November.”

“WASHINGTON — Democrats in Congress are expected to make public on Tuesday a broad list of proposals on climate change, laying out in detail what could become the starting point for their climate agenda if the party regains control of Congress and the White House next year.

The 538-page report sets a range of targets including ensuring that every new car sold by 2035 emits no greenhouse gases, eliminating overall emissions from the power sector by 2040, and all but eliminating the country’s total emissions by 2050.

It also calls for requiring companies, and by extension consumers, to pay for emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but in a way that gives money back to low- and moderate-income households. In the past, efforts like these have been politically difficult to achieve: In 2018, Gov. Jay Inslee tried and failed to enact a version in Washington State.”

Christopher Flavelle reports for the New York Times June 29, 2020.


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