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“Defying Trump, 4 Automakers Lock In a Deal on Greenhouse Gas Pollution”

“The four — Ford, Honda, BMW and Volkswagen — sealed a binding agreement with California to follow the state’s stricter tailpipe emissions rules.”

“WASHINGTON — California on Monday finalized a legal settlement with four of the world’s largest automakers that binds them to comply with its stringent state-level fuel efficiency standards that would cut down on climate-warming tailpipe emissions.

Monday’s agreement adds legal teeth to a deal that California and the companies outlined in principle last summer, and it comes as a rejection of President Trump’s new, looser federal rules on fuel economy, which would allow more pollution into the atmosphere.

Mr. Trump was blindsided last summer when the companies — Ford, Honda, BMW and Volkswagen — announced that they had reached a secret deal with California to comply with that state’s standards, even as the Trump administration was working to roll back Obama-era rules on fuel economy.”

Coral Davenport reports for the New York Times August 17, 2020.


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