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“Climate: Republicans Take Heat From The ‘Retro’ Crowd”

“Top Republicans are taking heat from all sides after rolling out the first part of their legislative plan to reduce carbon emissions, demonstrating the kind of hiccups the GOP faces as it attempts to develop climate policy after years of silence coupled with science skepticism.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other GOP lawmakers announced yesterday four separate bills to further promote carbon capture and storage technologies as well as support the international initiative to plant a trillion trees (Greenwire, Feb. 12).

The reactions to these proposals show the sticky political spot that the Republicans are in as McCarthy and others attempt to craft a message in response to polls that show voters are concerned about man-made climate change.

In exit polls from both Iowa and New Hampshire after their recent presidential primary contests, climate change ranked as No. 2 in both states — only behind health care — as a top priority for voters.”

Nick Sobczyk reports for E&E Daily February 13, 2020.