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Burps to Burgers: Food Firms Wrangle Climate-Warming Cattle Emissions

“WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Looking to improve milk production, California farmer John Verwey turned to a Swiss-made feed additive designed to make a cow more efficient while reducing methane emissions from cattle burps.

The more a cow belches, the more it spends energy that could be used instead for milk production, Verwey reasoned. So two years ago, he started feeding his cattle Agolin, made of coriander, clove and carrot extracts, and replaced costlier additives that promoted weight gain.

He is still determining whether the change has affected milk output, but Verwey figures he has positioned himself for a world where consumers care more about greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.”

Rod Nickel reports for Reuters September 18, 2020.


“What Is The Science Behind The Moo-ve From Cattle Methane Emissions?” (Reuters)