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“Bloomberg, Steyer Focus On Climate Change In Effort To Stand Out”

“Billionaire presidential candidates Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer are leaning into climate change as a campaign issue to stand out in a crowded Democratic field.
Both Bloomberg and Steyer have unveiled a series of climate-related proposals after entering the race later than some of the current front-runners. Steyer, a former hedge fund executive, has called the matter his “number one priority.”
The two billionaires have a history of funding green initiatives. The former New York City mayor and owner of the Bloomberg financial empire has donated millions of dollars to The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign, which has worked to shutter numerous coal plants, and he has pledged to donate $500 million to close the country's remaining coal plants by 2030
Meanwhile, Steyer founded the organization NextGen America, which aims to support candidates who advocate for climate action.”

Rachel Frazin reports for The Hill January 20, 2020.