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Black Friday Phone Predictions for 2020

Cellphones have been a standard of Black Friday sales for the last several years. With many carriers dropping carrier contracts and opting for phone contracts instead, Black Friday has become a great way to find low prices on new phones. Often, these deals involve starting a new phone line or becoming a new member at the carrier, but they still offer huge savings and are worth looking into during the holiday sale events.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday see retailers traditionally giving out discounts in the form of bonus devices with new activation or starting a new line and getting a discount credit on your bill — typically to cover the full cost. Whether you’re in search of a bonus free device or just want the discount applied to your bill, Black Friday will certainly give you better pricing than any other time of year.

Even with the pandemic going on, we still predict that Walmart and Best Buy will be your best places to shop for the biggest savings on cellphones in 2020.

Apple iPhone Black Friday 2020 Predictions

Fans of Apple’s iPhone line have had a rough 12 months. Last year, Apple launched the iPhone 11 but did so as a minor update to the X line. The device most noticeably lacked 5G and although that isn’t a big seller for every consumer, Apple did themselves no favors by announcing that all iPhone lines in 2020 would release with 5G. And now, in the midst of a pandemic, Apple has yet to officially announce the iPhone 12. There are rumors that the device could launch sometime in October, but Apple has not confirmed anything as of yet.

Shoppers looking to purchase an iPhone will find themselves in a tough spot: upgrade to last year’s iPhone 11 which lacks 5G or hold out for an iPhone 12 that should release sometime this year. As a result of the situation, it does appear that the iPhone X line could still find a huge savings this year.

iPhone X Line: (xr, xs, xs max)

The iPhone X line officially started in 2017, but with only one model. That model was discontinued in 2018 after Apple launched the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR. Most major retailers still carry these models as the iPhone 11 didn’t overtake the marketplace last year. The XR still sits around $500 while the XS and the XS Max are down to under $400. While it is possible the iPhone 11 will be the focus of this year’s savings during Black Friday, we predict that the X line will receive a modest discount as well. We predict it’s possible that the XS and XS Max could be snagged for as low as $300, while the XR might drop to $400.

iPhone 11 Line

The iPhone 11 line released last year and includes the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. There isn’t a large discrepancy in price between the three models, with the lower-spec iPhone 11 coming in at around $700. The iPhone 11 Max is currently only $30 more than the base model 11, and the Max Pro can be found for just over $750. Due to Apple’s delay with the iPhone 12, it’s hard to predict what these models will do. If the iPhone 12 releases before Black Friday, then we predict that these models will see a discount as low as $200 off. If the iPhone 12 does not release before Black Friday, then we predict that retailers will offer the iPhone 11 as a Buy One Get One or offer it for free with new line activation.

iPhone 12 Release

The delay on the iPhone 12 has certainly made Apple’s Black Friday savings murky. The device is expected to arrive this year, but it’s unclear how muddled the pandemic has made the release. We also know that Apple had big plans in store for the iPhone 12 and it could be possible that the pandemic made them change or cut short some of the features of the phone. It’s anyone’s guess as to what is happening with the iPhone 12 in 2020 but we predict that, like everything else this year, it will be interesting!

iPhone Models Black Friday 2020 Predictions

Model Black Friday 2019 2020 Predicted Best Price
iPhone X line $600 off with activation $299 (total price) with activation
iPhone 11 line $250 off with activation $650 (total price) with activation

Samsung Galaxy s20 Black Friday 2020 Predictions

For the last several years, Samsung has split their audience between their Galaxy line and their Note line. Samsung announced this year that the Note line will be no more after the Note 20 and current speculation is that the 2021 Galaxy line will become a hybrid of features that have become standard on the Galaxy but mixed with features people love from the Note line. This is complicated by Samsung’s focus on the Fold line, which has technically just received its third iteration with the Fold 2 (the first Fold was re-released due to needing a mechanical fix). Several other manufacturers have started to crowd Samsung in the foldable phone space, making it incredibly hard to predict what Samsung’s ultimate goal will be. With the Note phasing out this year, will the Galaxy phase out in 2021? Is the Fold the Future?

Samsung Galaxy s10 and Samsung Note10

Samsung has always released their Galaxy and Note models roughly six months apart and that was no different in 2019 when Samsung launched the Galaxy s10 and Note10. Both models are still available at some retailers and are still great phones compared to their counterparts in the s20 and Note20 line. The s10 had several models, including the s10, the s10E and the s10+. Each model could be found with different specs, meaning shoppers had a ton of ways to find a model that fit their exact needs. The Note 10 can be found in the base model, the Note10+, and the Note10+5G. Shoppers may have a harder time finding the Note10 models at retailers, thanks in large part to Samsung discontinuing the line after the Note20. We predict the s10 could go as low as $500 for some models, but that there will be no discounts on the Note10.

Samsung Galaxy s20 and Samsung Note20

The s20 launched in April of 2020 and the Note20 launched in August. Samsung launched only one model of the s20 with 5G: the s20 Ultra 5G.  The other two models, the s20 and s20+, tap out at 4G. The Note20 only released in two models: the Note20 and the Note20 Ultra 5G. We predict that due to their release this year, savings and discounts will be minimal on these new phones. The lower-spec version of the Note20 Ultra 5G currently retails for roughly $1,000 and many retailers already ran promotions at launch that featured gift card savings as well as Buy One Get One 50% off offers. We predict that Black Friday will feature similar savings for the s20 and the Note20, but slightly better than what was offered at launch.

Samsung phone Black Friday 2020 predictions

Model Black Friday 2019 2020 Predicted Best Price
Galaxy s10 $400 off with activation $500 (total price) with activation
Galaxy s20 and Note 20 $200 off with activation $800 (toal price) with activation

Foldable future

Starting with last year’s Samsung Fold entry, phone manufacturers are seemingly trying to out-create one another when it comes to the next ‘big thing’ in smartphone design. Samsung already has multiple iterations of their folding concepts, including the Fold and Fold 2, along with their Galaxy Z Flip – a clamshell-folding smartphone. LG came out last month with a look at their new two-screen design; currently named the Wing. Microsoft launched their foldable this month, called the Surface Duo, which features a dual screen design.

All of these devices seem to be competing to become the next big design in smartphones, but none of them have created enough of a splash to gain much attention from the average phone shopper. These devices are extremely new (except for the unreleased Wing), and we predict that it will be very unlikely that they receive discounts or promotions for the holiday season.