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“Biden’s EPA Nominee Vows ‘Urgency’ On Climate Change”

“Michael Regan, who would be the first Black man to serve as EPA administrator, promises to seek consensus as he pursues an ambitious agenda”

“Michael Regan, President Biden’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, told lawmakers Wednesday that he would “restore” science and transparency at the agency, focus on marginalized communities and move “with a sense of urgency” to combat climate change.

Facing a Senate panel where half of the members are Republicans wary of the EPA’s authority and its reach into much of American life, Regan appealed to a collective sense of duty.

“We all have a stake in the health of our environment, the strength of our economy, the well-being of our communities and the legacy we will leave the next generation in the form of our nation’s natural resources,” he told members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.”

Brady Dennis reports for the Washington Post February 3, 2021.


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