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“Biden’s Bold Climate Plans Could Be Thwarted in GOP-Run Senate”

“Even if Joe Biden wins the White House, his ambitious climate agenda could be thwarted by a Senate that is increasingly likely to remain in Republican control.

“An emboldened, moderate Senate is poised to stymie a progressive agenda at every turn,” observed Washington consultant Gloria Dittus. “A legislative Green New Deal has been derailed.”

Biden couldn’t count on help from a Republican-controlled Senate to realize his climate vision, which lays out epic changes in the U.S. energy mix, anchored by promises to install renewable energy infrastructure, get cleaner cars on the road and create zero-emission mass transit systems. Instead, Biden would have to court the chamber’s moderates, including Joe Manchin, a Democrat from coal-rich West Virginia, in seeking to pass more narrowly tailored bills.”

Jennifer A Dlouhy reports for Bloomberg November 4, 2020.


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