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“Biden to Block Still-Pending Trump Administration Regulations”

“President-elect Joe Biden will issue a memo effective Inauguration Day that will block actions taken by the outgoing administration that haven’t yet become official, the transition team announced Wednesday.

Jen Psaki, incoming White House press secretary, said the move will curb “midnight” regulations and actions. She cited a Trump Labor Department plan to make it easier for companies to classify employees as contractors, who typically don’t get overtime pay or health benefits.

“The memo will potentially freeze this rule and not allow it to be implemented,” Psaki said.

Incoming administrations historically issue a memo freezing new rules that have been announced but not yet published in the Federal Register. By suspending their publication, the new administration can wipe away such final rules and rewrite or abandon them.”

Emma Kinery and Jennifer A. Dlouhy report for Bloomberg December 30, 2020.