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“Biden Teases Canceling Puerto Rico’s ‘Illegal’ Debt In New Plan”

“The former vice president is looking to court climate refugees who fled the hurricane-ravaged island to battleground states like Florida.”

“Joe Biden’s presidential campaign said Tuesday it would look for ways to cancel Puerto Rico’s crushing municipal debt and make broad investments in the island territory if the Democrat wins the White House this November.

On a call with reporters, the campaign said the former vice president would seek to expand federal benefits to Puerto Ricans, protect workers’ pensions from budget cuts, and ensure that “debts illegally issued are canceled” as part of a sweeping appeal to voters from the island.

The plan also aims to increase investment, repairing the island’s electrical grid and other infrastructure still damaged from 2017’s catastrophic Hurricane Maria.”

Alexander C. Kaufman reports for HuffPost September 15, 2020.