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“Biden Insiders: Return BLM to D.C.”

“A coalition of climate experts hoping to guide President-elect Joe Biden's transition team has suggested big changes for the Bureau of Land Management, including reversing the Trump administration's relocation of its headquarters to Colorado.

The Climate 21 Project team, in a memo outlining specific changes needed at the Interior Department, said the Biden administration should “bring BLM national leadership back to Washington” on day one.

The memo said bringing the agency's headquarters back to the District of Columbia would “boost employee morale” after “four years of targeted political interference and efforts to cut budgets and demoralize and drive out career staff.”

E&E News first reported Monday that the Biden transition team has made moving BLM's headquarters back to Washington a priority (Greenwire, Nov. 9). Sources told E&E News that the plan will include trying to rehire or transfer senior career staff that left BLM for other Interior positions in Washington as a result of the move back to the bureau.”

Scott Streater reports for E&E News November 12, 2020.