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Bad News For N.J.: ‘Dramatic’ Sea Level Rise, Floods, Stronger Storms

“New Jersey is projected to experience “dramatic” sea level rise through the rest of this century, bringing worsening storm surges and more regular flooding to the Garden State, according to a new report released by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection on Thursday.

That means that sea levels in the Garden State are expected to be up to 6.3 feet higher by 2100 than they were in 2000, up to 1.1 feet higher by 2030 and up to 2.1 feet higher by 2050.

“New Jersey is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and we must work together to be more resilient against a rising sea and future storms,” said Governor Phil Murphy.

The DEP said that the new report, titled “New Jersey’s Rising Seas and Changing Coastal Storms,” gives important baselines that will guide state efforts to adapt and become more resilient as climate change drives sea levels higher.”

Michael Sol Warren reports for the Newark Star-Ledger December 12, 2019.