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B.C. Opens Ancient Sunshine Coast Forest To Logging

“Local conservation group asks province to cancel cutblocks containing ancient yellow cedars and unofficial bear sanctuary”

“A new plan plotting the course of the logging industry on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast over the next five years has placed a treasured forest, home to some of Canada’s oldest trees and an unofficial bear sanctuary, on the chopping block.

The logging plan for the Elphinstone area, released by BC Timber Sales in late March, includes an abnormally high number of cutblocks for auction for the planning period, according to local conservation group Elphinstone Logging Focus.

“We haven’t seen this many blocks in a five-year period before,” said Ross Muirhead, a forest campaigner with Elphinstone Logging Focus, which counted an unprecedented 29 blocks slated for clearcut logging from 2020 to 2024.  

Because of the area’s sensitivity, BC Timber Sales has usually limited logging to about one block a year.”

Judith Lavoie reports for The Narwhal June 5, 2020.