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“As Septic Fails, Rising Seas Also Threaten Coastal Sewers”

“A small branch of the East River outside Brunswick, Georgia, curves awfully close to the neighborhood of Ellis Point. Built in the 1950s, the houses sit pretty low, and they’re all on septic systems.

Reba Reyna has lived here for almost 50 years.

“It rained continuously for over a week,” Reyna said of storms late last year. “Septic system backs up, therefore, it's a health hazard.”

She’s worried about her drinking water. Many of the houses in the area use well water, and many of the old lots are too small to have both a well and a septic tank by today’s standards. So Reyna and some of her neighbors are pushing to join the local sewer system.”

Emily Jones and Mary Landers report for Georgia Public Broadcasting via the Pulitzer Center September 17, 2020.