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“Appropriations: Congress Set To Pass Its ‘Most Important Climate Bill'”

“Democrats this week had their best shot thus far to address climate change in the 116th Congress, but they walked away with a mixed bag.

The $1.4 trillion appropriations and tax extenders package deal that passed the House yesterday contained a host of clean energy and environmental wins on the spending side, including large funding boosts for Department of Energy research programs and more money for EPA and the Department of the Interior.

At the same time, efforts to extend renewable energy and electric vehicle tax credits and create incentives for energy storage fell apart.

In the end, the tax extenders measure lawmakers passed as an amendment to one of the spending packages contained only a short extension for the renewable production credit.”

Nick Sobczyk, Geof Koss, and Jeremy Dillon report for E&E Daily December 18, 2019.


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