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Analysts See Dem Win in Senate, Opening the Door to Climate Legislation

“Democrats mount strong challenges to Republican incumbents in Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Carolina and South Carolina.”

“In these final days of Lindsey Graham's surprising struggle to keep the U.S. Senate seat he's held for 18 years, it has come down to this: He's begging for money from Fox News viewers and being attacked by one of the conservative network's staunchest Trump supporters, Lou Dobbs.

Not long ago, Graham — the self-styled Republican climate champion with little to show for his rhetoric—looked as if he'd be a lock to win his fourth term in the Senate.

But this fall, as tens of millions of dollars have poured into the campaign coffers of his Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, Graham has complained on Fox that ‘every liberal in America wants to take me out' and that ‘they hate my guts,' while Dobbs wondered aloud why any South Carolinian would vote for Graham because he had not done enough to investigate former President Barack Obama.”

James Bruggers reports for InsideClimate News November 1, 2020.


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