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An All-Electric Vehicle Government Fleet? It’s Possible, Report Says

“Washington state could electrify almost all of its 56,000 public vehicles by 2035, according to a new study that might have lessons for the incoming Biden administration.

The analysis found that some vehicles are already affordable for governments or soon will be, like buses, light sedans and garbage trucks. Other types, like heavy pickup trucks, could take a lot longer to fit into state and local budgets, based on the study led by the Atlas Public Policy research group.

“The case for cost effectively electrifying nearly all public vehicle procurements in Washington state looks very favorable over the timeline extending through 2035,” the report said.

Such numbers could be relevant to President-elect Joe Biden, who has suggested lowering carbon emissions by requiring federal agencies to buy electric for the government's vast fleet of 221,000 vehicles, including those owned by the military.”

David Ferris reports for E&E News December 10, 2020.