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“Advisers Say Many Exposed to Asbestos Omitted From EPA Analysis”

“The EPA’s analysis of asbestos underestimates the extent to which people are exposed to the mineral and its potential to cause cancer and other diseases, an agency science advisory panel said.

“Most exposures are not being captured,” said Henry Anderson, a retired physician serving on the EPA’s Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals, which was critiquing the Environmental Protection Agency’s draft evaluation of asbestos’ risks throughout a June 8-11 meeting.

Demolition workers; workers in the bathroom fixtures and other industries that use talc, which may be contaminated with asbestos; and those working with asbestos-containing brakes for vehicles like motorcycles, snowmobiles, and tractors—beyond just the car brakes the agency did examine—are among the people the agency omitted from its draft evaluation of the mineral, committee members said.”

Pat Rizzuto reports for Bloomberg Environment June 11, 2020.