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5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Back For Prime Day

September 29, 2020 by Matt Wehner | Updated 29th September, 2020, 4:42 PM

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Amazon’s Prime Day is approaching fast, and with it, Amazon is launching several solid promotions for even more savings.  Most of the promotions are on the premise of buying now and benefiting during the event.  Shoppers will want to pay extra attention to all the ways they can save big during the event as we’re only a couple weeks away.  To read the full press statement, click here.

Spend $10, Get $10


This year, Amazon is running a Spend $10, Get $10 promotion leading up to Prime Day.  Amazon customers can spend $10 at Amazon Books or Amazon Pop Up between Sept. 28 and Oct. 14 to receive a $10 credit to used during Prime Day.  Shoppers will receive an email after their purchase that will allow them to claim the credit on October 13 or 14.

Shoppers can score another $10 credit if they shop at an Amazon 4-Star store prior to Prime Day.  That’s a total of $20 credit for nothing but shopping!

Whole Foods Market

The Spend $10, Get $10 also applies to Whole Foods Market!  Shoppers can spend $10 or more at Whole Foods, online or in store, and receive a free $10 credit when shopping on Amazon on Prime Day.

Small businesses

Amazon is also expanding its Spend $10, Get $10 to promote small businesses!  Shoppers looking for yet another way to get a $10 credit can follow this link to see which small businesses in their area are taking part in the promotion.  And, as above, any shopper who spends $10 will receive a $10 credit to use  on Prime Day.

Alexa, sign me up for Prime

Amazon is also offering a free $5 credit for Prime Day for any new Prime members who sign up for Prime by using an Echo device.  The only thing a new user will need to do is to say “Alexa, sign me up for Prime” into an Echo device and sign up. A $5 credit will be yours once Prime Day begins.

Prime Reload

Smart shoppers looking for a slight edge to help on Prime Day should also look at taking advantage of Prime Reload.  The program is a cash back program which will give shoppers 2% back when shopping on Amazon.  There are catches to the program, which involve your debit card being locked to Amazon and having to give Amazon your bank’s information.  Shoppers use the setup to buy into a gift card, which is then used to make purchases on Amazon, netting the 2% back.  Combining this with other credit offers is a great way to add up those savings!